Who are we and what are we doing in Georgia!

We are Nancy & Gregg Howard. We moved here from Southern California in 2013 to be nearer to our daughters. We both had been successful realtors there for many years and were quite happy living the good life in Laguna Niguel … four miles from the beach. Life was good, except for one thing… we missed our daughters! Especially when one of them started having babies. Ahhh, grandchildren. It’s enough to want to make you move to Georgia. And move we did. The surprise was finding out how much we liked living in Marietta, GA. We had transferred our real estate licenses from California to Georgia and continued to help people buy or sell their homes. Real estate is real estate no matter where you roam. Only the terms are different.

But listing a home or buying a home is just the start. The nature of real estate has changed over the years. What worked 10-15 years ago has been outdated. Technology has spurred this change. To be successful today one must continually keep on top of current trends, demographics and technology. But the glue that binds this all together is SERVICE and that’s what we specialize in.

What ever your real estate needs are, we can help!